Social networking app for connecting like minded people together.

I was the sole designer at Dopel, working from ideation, product specifications, UI/UX to final visual design.

Through my understanding of data, feedback, testing and empathy for the user experience, I was able to continously improve the iOS and Android app with refinements and features. Overtime I've learned to approach design with data as well as producing high quality UI and prototypes to run tests.


Onboarding is one of most important user flows as it is where we can increase the likelihood of new users adopting a product. Our goal was to tell the user what they will get from Dopel and to teach them how to 'react' to content. We refined this process with Facebook advertising and video screen recordings, and reduced the time it took for users to complete onboarding.

Add Reactions screens
It was interesting to see users trying to 'react' in video screen recordings. The total time it took for users to learn was reduced by using simple animation cues. For example when the user swipes on the screen, the react buttons would bounce up and down in scale to hint at what the next action needs to be.


Connect with like minds

After the user ‘reacts’ on the last content tile in onboarding, they land on the Dopels screen where they can see a visual of their dopel group.

Dopel popover
Dopel Chat

Local Dopels

Find dopels closer to you

One of the latest features I worked on was 'local' dopels, where users had a separate dopel group of most similar people from their country. For this feature we needed the user's location permission.

Priming for location permission in onboarding

We wanted to test this feature (local dopels) in onboarding by giving users the choice between 'global' or 'local' dopels before landing on the Dopels screen.

I designed a cards modal to help prime the user for their location permission. The cards explain global and local dopels, with the final card giving them two buttons to choose from.


Discover beautiful photos and videos

Reactions allow users to express how much they like a post on a scale of love to dislike.

I designed the reaction faces to have different bright colours so that they were eye catching and fun to look at. I also animated the emotional expressions to add a touch of delight for the user. These buttons were a way for users to express their feelings, and so I wanted to ensure they could relate to the visual representation.


Reacting in Feed
Post Details, Comments, Share Post
Search, Search Opened, Partner Profile
Account, Notifications Modal, Add Post

My time at Dopel was a very memorable and hands on experience. As the only designer, I learned a lot about the product development process. I was involved in every step of the process, from creating value for the user, back end and front end development specifications, testing and iterating designs.

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